Chorus Membership

A chorus membership serves your whole chorus, allowing each member of your team to access all of these benefits and more. Click here for a full list of benefits.

  • Access to our Online Community, a new space for our members to connect, communicate, and collaborate.
  • Access to hundreds of online resources and articles, including on-demand seminars
  • Our staff concierge service – always willing to answer your questions by phone or email
  • Multiple subscriptions to the Voice, our award-winning magazine
  • Discounted registration for our annual Conference and other programs

Our tiered dues system is designed to be flexible based on your budget size, too.


Chorus Membership Dues

Chorus Budget Dues 
Budgets up to $87,499  $155
Budgets from $87,500-$999,999  0.002 x budget (0.2%) up to $875 maximum
Budgets $1 million and above  $975


Questions about dues, benefits, or how to join? Our Membership Team is eager to answer any questions you might have.  Contact us anytime! Or your question may already be answered on our FAQ page.

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