Music Director

The Mendelssohn Choir of Connecticut
Fairfield County, Connecticut
Type of Position: 
Application Deadline: 
Saturday, October 15, 2022


Job Description



  1. The Music Director has the authority and responsibility to carry out the MCC music program:


  • Works with the Board in recruiting singers, scheduling auditions and auditioning all singers, and determines the placement of all singers.
  • Presents annual calendar of rehearsals, concerts, and activities for MCC Board approval.
  • Makes final determination of music to be programmed at all performances.
  • Engages the services of additional vocalists and instrumentalists, in addition to the regular accompanist, for performances as needed.
  • Seeks opportunities for collaborations with musical groups including instrumental ensembles and other choral organizations, trips/tours, guest soloists, and commissioned works etc. for MCC Board consideration.


  1. The Music Director works with the Board.


  • Cooperates with the Board in preparing the annual budget.
  • Advises the Board on space and equipment needs, present and future.
  • Cooperates with the Board in planning and implementing fund-raising activities.
  • Presents to the Board special opportunities, such as collaborations with musical groups including instrumental ensembles and other choral organizations, trips/tours, special performance opportunities, and community outreach activities.
  • Serves as the “continuity factor” in the program.


Personal Characteristics


The Music Director should be enthusiastic and possess the high energy level necessary for working effectively with vital, active singers.  S/he must also have high musical expectations for the choir members coupled with humanity and empathy for them as volunteer adults with day-to-day responsibilities in their lives.


The Music Director must:


  • be willing to make a large commitment to the program (30—32 weeks of rehearsals and concerts from September through May). 
  • be willing to commit to the program for a considerable period of time, so that it can continue without disruption.
  • believe in the value of a choral program like that of  MCC and be able to articulate the importance of such a program.
  • possess leadership and management skills that will enable him/her to:
  • recruit, interview and make recommendations concerning additional staff, particularly the accompanist
  • organize a plan and allocate time and space for rehearsals
  • review and approve music for purchase and for programming
  • be able to communicate effectively with the MCC membership, the public and the press on matters relating to the MCC. 



Musical Requirements


The Music Director must:


  • have proven success as a conductor
    • have the ability to manage rehearsals in a timely manner
  •   have extensive knowledge of choral literature:
    • know the “standard repertoire” from an interpretive aspect, as well as repertoire from a wide variety of eras, styles and genres.
      • have the ability to approach music from a vocal as well as historical perspective
      • have knowledge of the choral languages, e.g. French, German, Italian, Latin
    •   have intimate knowledge of the technical and musical problems the singers will encounter in specific pieces
    • have knowledge of arrangements and transcriptions that are available for     volunteer and/or community choirs
  • have broad knowledge of and ability to teach and conduct the choir in repertoire with various instrumental accompaniments. 



Compensation and Benefits: 

Part-time.  No benefits.  Compensation $20-25,000

Application Procedure: 

Please visit The Mendelssohn Choir's website at to learm more about the organiziation.  Then, please react to the following:


As a potential Music Director of Mendelssohn Choir of Connecticut, please share your vision for the Choir’s future development. Successful candidates should include information regarding recruitment, fundraising, and artistic goals, along with how they have successfully built connections and engagement within an adult community choir.

In addition to the essay, submit a CV/resume to

Thank you for your interest in The Mendelssohn Choir of Connecticut.

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