Artistic Director

State College Choral Society
State College, Pennsylvania
Type of Position: 
Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

  Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Director is responsible for the overall artistic vision of the State College Choral Society.
  • The Director is responsible for all performances conducted under the SCCS brand.
  • The Director has primary responsibility for the overall artistic quality/growth of the chorus.
  • The Director will serve as an ex officio non-voting member of the SCCS Board. The Director will attend meetings of the Board (and select committees, as may be necessary to the operation of the organization). The Director will also participate in the Board’s strategic planning of the organization, especially regarding, but not limited to, issues relating to the artistic product and brand, and musical needs of the organization.
  • The Director is charged with preparing the chorus for and conducting those performances which shall constitute the concert season as determined annually by the Board of SCCS. The Director will also prepare the chorus for any collaborative performances that have been mutually agreed upon by the Artistic Director and the Board.
  • The Director is accountable for all musical and artistic decisions for SCCS and together with the General Manager and other designated SCCS agents, shall conceptualize, schedule, and prepare the concert season, and shall submit to the Board, no later than November, a proposal for the following season which shall include:

                  a) The selected repertoire for each concert;
                  b) The anticipated rehearsal schedule;
                  c) An account of instrumental and solo vocal requirements;
                  d) A budget specifying estimated costs for music, musicians, keyboard instruments
                      and sites of rehearsal and performance.

  • In consultation with the Director, the Board may recommend changes in the proposed season as it deems necessary, based on financial feasibility.
  • Once the proposal above has been approved, the Director shall be authorized, within the limits of the approved budget, to contract soloists, and work with the Orchestra Contractor to secure orchestra players or any additional instrumentalists as needed.
  • The Director has primary authority and responsibility for the selection of the Rehearsal Accompanist for SCCS. While the Rehearsal Accompanist is contracted by the Board, this position will report to the Director. The Director will conduct an annual performance assessment with the Rehearsal Accompanist at the completion of the scheduled concert season, prior to the Accompanist’s contract renewal. Informal interim feedback to address specific concerns may be conducted by the Director as needed.
  • The Director will work in cooperation with the Board to ensure that music acquisition, hiring of personnel and performance site selection are accomplished in a timely manner.
  • The Director will select and execute all of the music within a season’s activities, including, but not limited to, rehearsals, performances, recordings, tours, run-outs, etc. on a schedule appropriate to the organization’s planning timetable.
  • The Director will conduct auditions for potential new members in accordance with the By-Laws of SCCS, and any re-auditions or evaluations of the continuing members at the Director’s discretion. Thereafter, the Director will conduct rehearsals according to the agreed upon schedule.
  • The Director agrees to participate in the chorus’s fundraising, publicity, educational and other community activities without additional compensation. All such activities will be subject to a mutually agreed upon schedule, and prior notice when possible. It is understood by the Board that there may be times of schedule conflict for such activities without an alternative available. The Director will have right of refusal to participate if such conflict is unavoidable.

  The Artistic Director must:

  • be willing to make a large commitment to the program (30—32 weeks of rehearsals and concerts from late August through early May).  Our annual schedule includes a fall concert, a spring concert, and the traditional “Christmas with the Choral Society” event in December. Additional performance opportunities are sometimes scheduled at the request of, or with the approval of the Artistic Director.
  • be willing to commit to the program for many years, so that it can continue without disruption.
  • believe in the value of a choral program like that of SCCS and be able to articulate the importance of such a program.

  The Artistic Director must possess leadership and management skills that will enable them to:

  • recruit, interview and make recommendations concerning additional staff, particularly the accompanist.
  • organize a plan and allocate time and space for rehearsals.
  • review and approve music for purchase and for programming.
  • be able to communicate effectively with the SCCS membership, the public and the press on matters relating to the SCCS. 

  Musical Requirements

  The Artistic Director must:

  • have proven success as a conductor:
    • be able to manage rehearsals in a timely manner.
    • have previous choral experience with adults.
  • have extensive knowledge of choral literature. They should:
    • know the “standard repertoire” from an interpretive aspect, as well as repertoire from a wide variety of eras, styles, and genres.
    • know and be willing to seek out both new choral music and choral music composed by diverse voices.
    • have the abilty to approach musid form a vocal as well as historical perspective.
    • know the choral languages, e.g. French, German, Italian , Latin.
    • have intimate knowledge of the technical and musical problems the singers will encounter in specific pieces.
    • know of arrangements and transcriptions that are available for choirs.
  • have broad knowledge of and ability to teach and conduct the chorus in repertoire with various instrumental accompaniments. 
Compensation and Benefits: 

Part-time. No benefits. Starting compensation $20,000-$25,000. An annual contract defining the amount of compensation and terms of employment shall be mutually agreed upon by the Artistic Director and the Board of Directors, subject to review prior to approval of the next fiscal year’s budget.

Application Procedure: 

Please visit The State College Choral Society’s website at to learn more about the organization. Then, please provide a written reaction to the following:

“As a potential Artistic Director of the State College Choral Society, briefly describe activities you might take to help the choral society achieve each of its following vision statements:

We envision: 

  • An artistic director of proven excellence who will foster and build upon the Society’s rich history and repertoire.
  • Building a well-balanced chorus that can support a wide variety of choral works and musical needs; fostering a welcoming, engaging and connected community that provides opportunities to all for musical growth; increasing membership through expanded recruitment efforts and community awareness.
  • Establishing successful relationships with existing and new community venues that meet the Society’s musical, technical and financial needs.
  • Communicating a message of artistic excellence, inclusivity, and fellowship to increase both our audience and singing membership; leveraging social media, streaming and other print/web outlets to increase awareness of SCCS, its mission and events.
  • Collaboration and partnerships throughout the region creating joy in choral performance and excitement in music education, sustaining the Choral Society as an indispensable part of the Centre Region.”

In addition to your written responses, submit a CV/resume, copies of at least three concert programs, and links to, or video recordings of, recent rehearsals and performances.

Mail these materials by January 31, 2023, to:

  Richard Victor, Search Committee Chair
  State College Choral Society
  1470 Willowbrook Drive
  Boalsburg, PA 16827

Questions can be addressed to Richard Victor via email at


About The State College Choral Society

Founded in 1948, the Choral Society is an auditioned group of 80 to 120 singers from the Central Pennsylvania region who perform significant choral music for the enrichment of its members and the community.

We are committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive environment for all our singers, staff, Board, collaborators, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and audience members.

Thank you for your interest in The State College Choral Society.

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